Custom Design

Once the website is complete, changes and updates are free for the rest of the calendar month.

$499 for a custom website with text and images - up to 5 pages. You provide the text, as much as you want, and the images. Each additional page is $25.


Additional Charges

  • $10 each to crop, resize and alter photos
  • $100 per simple form
  • $200-$500 per form requiring extensive JavaScript
  • $100-$1000 per Flash application
  • $25 to integrate a PayPal billing system
  • $200 to integrate a shopping cart other than PayPal, if your hosting company contains software for this



No monthly maintenance fee, if no work is done.

A modification to a web page costs $30

Adding new forms, shopping carts or other functionality costs more depending on how much time the change would require.